Blog Post 1: Is the Applewatch the next big technology phenomenon????

Released only 9 months ago, the Applewatch has already generated about 21 million dollars in revenue. According to Wristly, a company dedicated in researching high tech smartwatches, about 12 million Applewatch have been sold since its launched in April 2015. Technology critics have expressed both positive and negative reviews on Apple’s newest invention. Before I continue, lets reflect back to when having a watch was simply used to check the time.

Watches have been around for centuries. The watch continued to be a tool  frequently used by older people until companies like Motorola, Samsung, and Apple began designing around the idea of creating a digital smartwatch. In 2009, Samsung was the first to produce a color screen smartwatch, called Watch Phone. With its biggest competitor selling the idea of a smartwatch, Apple began designing the ultimate smartwatch device. After years of designing, Apple finally introduced, what they called their “best invention yet” during an unveil of the iPhone 6 in 2014. Apple costumers were eager to get their hands on the watch, however production delayed as Apple felt the need to tweak somethings on it. People expressed wonders of the Applewatch. Communication theorists explain in their Technology Acceptance Model two key factors, Perceived usefulness and Perceived ease of use. Comments made by potential buyers, produced the idea of the Applewatch being perceived as useful. According to Wristly, 61% of people stated to be more fit with the Applewatch. This falls under the relative advantage category within the Diffusion of Innovations Model. Potential buyers saw an advantage to using an Applewatch, mainly for gathering daily physical activity movement.

Before the idea of owning an Applewatch, measuring physical activity data such as steps, calories, or heart-rate was difficult to obtain on the go. Usually, a most common place to see accurate exercise data was only on fitness center machines. Without the convenience of fitness machines displaying our physical activity data, workout summaries are considered to be unknown! The AppleWatch is expected to apply the advantages of new hands-free technology, while allowing the consumer an effort free experience. A device of this kind is only possible now because of the technology advances present in todays time.




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