Blog Post 2: Apple Watch Impact on Tech Space….

The Apple Watch continues to attract potential buyers into adopting Apple’s newest timepiece technology. This is the first time Apple Inc. has focused on a product outside of the computer world. According to an article in Forbes, the Apple Watch release was the start of a new era for smart watch technology around the globe. Samsung is currently Apple’s biggest competitor having introduced the Samsung S9110 Watch Phone. Since then Samsung has released several watches. This lead to Apple’s development of an innovative device to transform smart watch technologies. Samsung S9110 introduced the world to the first color screen watch that had a scratch resistant display. The Samsung S9110 allowed customers to send SMS, Email, and MMS messages to preferred contacts. Similar to Samsung, Apple intentions for the Apple Watch was to facilitate iPhone owners with a device reliable for everyday use. Forbes stated in their article that Apple sought to include popular assistant Siri, Apple Music, Apple Pay service, and reliable apps downloadable for both the watch and iPhones. Smart watch is still fairly new in the technology world, so it has yet to reach its critical mass.

Nonetheless, DMR a website dedicated to inform the public on technology stats said the Apple watch has sold more than 50% in the year 2015. They also stated that Apple has sold 7 million watches to date. One of the services frequently used by Apple watch owners is the Apple Pay service. This allows you to pay at selected participating business with either your iPhone or Apple watch. As of August 2015, the Apple Pay feature is being used by at least 80% of owners daily. Even though the Apple watch is in its early stages of the diffusion theory, we see members of society considering the adoption of this technology. The future generation is adapting to the idea of a technology based world. Apple watches are becoming useful tools for individuals seeking healthier lifestyles, financial flexibility, and daily wrist assistant.






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