The FitBit Era……


Move over Apple Watch, and say hello to the Fibit era. With the success of big companies like Apple, Samsung, and Motorola with their fitness devices, other companies have been struggling to stay relevant in the tech world. However, Fitbit has maintained its high status amongst its users. Store giants like BestBuy, Target, Costco, and Walmart have sold Fitbit devices for about 7 years. It was not until 2015 that Fitbit began receiving widespread attention. Since then Fitbit has continued to innovate the fitness device business, creating new versions of fitness trackers and expanding their collection. According to DMR, a company dedicated to collecting statistics on new tech products, Fitbit has 19 million registered users as of 2015.  Currently, the Fitbit Charge HR is most favored by customers. The Fitbit is both a heart-rate monitor and calorie counter and its worn on the wrist. It tracks the person’s activity throughout the day and night using an altimeter. The activity is displayed on small screen, which can also be used as a caller ID. DMR states that about 9.5 million people were reported to be active Fitbit users in 2015. Brett B, a respiratory therapist from Indiana reported to have taken a million steps in a month using his Fitbit fitness tracker. In a blog he stated “He was fascinated with tracking his steps in real-time and loved how the social factor played into his competitive side”. He expressed that he enjoyed being able to share his Fitbit activity with his family and friends, which motivated him to reach his goal of 10,000 steps a day. Before he knew it, he had surpassed his goal reaching a whopping million steps. Brett stated “I started feeling healthier and had people telling me I looked great, which makes me feel better than I’ve felt in years”. He claimed that his Fitbit tracker changed his life. Along with Brett, millions of people are improving their health with the help of Fitbit trackers. Before Fitbit, it was challenging to track health activity as technology had not progressed compared to present times. Fitbit has received little negativity from customers, which explains the millions of successful stories today. Customers have expressed how affordable the Fitbit is compared to other devices sold by big companies. As of today, the Fitbit Charge HR goes for $149.95, according to a Wearable article.

Its clear that Fitbit has completely changed the wearable tech market. According to DMR, Fitbit shares 34.2% of the wearable tech market with other companies. About 45,000 stores carry Fitbit products in their stores, explaining the increase of their revenue throughout the last couple of years. Fitbit continues to grow and will see bigger developments as Fitbit is now a public company in the stock market. According to DMR, Fitbit’s projected revenue for 2015 is about 1.7 billion dollars. With this much success in only 9 years, we presume Fitbit will continue to develop and impact the technology world.


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